10 Things You Should Never Buy Used

Pre-owned cars may be a good idea, especially if you’re never going to be able to afford a brand new BMW. Antiques are always better bought old (well Duh – they are going to be used aren’t they)? Also most of us will buy a house that someone stayed in before. Books are perfectly OK to buy used – it is in fact a smart thing to do.

But there are some things that you should never buy used, over eBay or at a garage sale. We look at some of the things that you should always buy new:

1. A baby crib

baby-cribEven if it’s a family heirloom, a baby crib should be a new one. You want a crib that is made with all required safety regulations, which has not been recalled, which incorporates all safeguards and which has never been broken, chipped, damaged or made unstable for any reason.

2. Car tires

car-tyreThe tires of a car that was in an accident are likely to have sustained damage even if it may be invisible. When it comes to your safety, it is best never to compromise to save a few bucks.

3. Car spares

car-spare-partsFor the same reason that you shouldn’t buy used car tires, don’t buy any used car spares (and this includes accessories such as baby car seats). You don’t know how the previous owner used them, it they have been in accidents and whether they are safe to use.

4. Inner wear and swimsuits

inner-swimwearUsed inner wear and swimsuits? Well that is just icky – it is just too personal and up close to use. There is a reason why the gusset of a new swimsuit has that plastic covering and why they won’t let you try out panties at most stores!

5. Shoes

shoesUsed shoes just don’t make sense. Used shoes take on the shape of the wearer and they cannot be right for you.

6. DVD player

dvd-playerSeriously why would you want to buy a used one – new ones are really cheap! And the technology changes so quickly that you’re likely far better features with a new one, so it really isn’t worth it.

7. Laptop

laptopLaptops typically suffer a lot of abuse: they’ve been knocked about; perhaps dropped, banged… you really don’t know what you get. And it is again a matter of technology – the newer ones are cheaper, smaller, faster and better than ever before!

8. Used cookware

cookwareOld cookware could be eroded and scratched and in some cases may leach unwanted material into your food. Avoid.

9. Makeup

makeupAgain this is just icky! Steer clear not only of used make up but also old makeup even if it’s a unopened piece. These things have expiration dates for a reason!

10. Microwave ovens

microwave-ovenNew microwaves are safer, more energy efficient and they cook food more efficiently. Old microwaves are just not worth the risk.

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