From ZERO to SUPERSTAR in Just 18 Months

Have you ever dreamed of being a singer, giving concerts in front of thousand of fans? But unfortunately you’re not blessed with talent and know it will never work out for you? Stop dreaming go on reading and get to know Vee’s story.

The beautiful blonde started singing just 18 month ago and went from zero talent to be a star in no-time. She got her own album, thousands of fans, travels the world performing shows and even got her own cosmetic store and a fashion brand!

Her secret? “I think it’s important that you really believe in yourself and don’t listen what the haters say,” says Vee about her secret to success.

Her mission “Believe in yourself”

I Don't Care-Music Video

“Believe in yourself” is her mission. “I wanna share love and positivity with the world, but also wanna give back some of the great energy I got. When I can inspire and empower other girls I think that my goal is accomplished.

Her first album “I don’t care” is part of her mission. With lyrics like “I do what I want” or “I don’t care what other people say about me.” she takes the first step of her mission and also gets rid of her past, that wasn’t blessed with luck and positivity.

I wanna inspire my fans and give them the courage to say “I don’t care. I don’t care what others think about me. I don’t care when others talking shit about me.” It’s this time where it’s easy for everyone to hate on social media on another people and that’s the reason why so many people are getting depressed right now.


I still have a lot of haters, but I pay no attention to it. I just see all my lovely fans for who I’m ready to give my best every single day. I think we have to do something. And while I’m blessed to be happy, full of energy and can’t wait to start my day, I see it as my mission to share this energy with the world.

You can hear and feel this energy in each of Vee’s songs. I you are in a bad mood, tired or feel lack of motivation just listen to her songs and you will feel better soon.

Let’s meet in veevonderland

Vee created a place to connect with her fans. She wanted to do something special and created the veevonderland. A place where dreams come true, where you can listen to her veevonderland radio, connect with others, discover more of her life, her fashion & beauty tips.

A Makeup collection for each song

As part of her veevonderland you can find her own cosmetic store. You can see the veevonderland as a beautiful mall where it’s fun to spend time, connect with others and shop the latest cosmetic & fashion trends.

Vee releases a new Makeup and fashion collection with each of her songs. You should definitely check it out because she has some very exclusive brands in stock that are hard to get anywhere else. And sometimes there are really great deals available.

Believe in yourself

It’s a strong statement, but Vee seem to have the power to change the world. Destroy all anxieties and make space to make the world a positive place.

So don’t forget: “Don’t care what others think about you and believe in yourself”

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