8 Fun Things to Do Alone at Home When You’re Bored

We’ve all contemplated boredom from time to time – you’re stuck at home when it’s pouring/storming/snowing out. Or you had this whole day planned with a friend and they canceled at the last moment. Or you just get an expected day off from school, college or work. So what do you do with yourself when you’re at home, by yourself and bored? Well here’s a list of suggestions that may work for you:

1. Take a nap

napping-after-lunchA nap in the middle of a day is a luxury that few of us can afford; and so many of us tend to be sleep deprived on a daily basis. Grab the opportunity to treat yourself to a delicious, restful, rejuvenating nap.

2. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

manicureBy manicure and pedicure we mean pretty much any grooming procedure you’ve been ignoring for a while: waxing, epilating, bleaching and so on. And guys, we’re pointing at you too – those ragged nails and the unkempt beard? Not nice!

3. Catch up with your reading

reading-for-funThey say no reading is useless. That’s true. And if there’s a novel you’ve been meaning to read or blogs that you’ve been ignoring because of a lack of time, now’s the time to catch up!

4. Organize photos

organizing-photosThis can be wonderfully pleasant pastime. You can soon get lost in happy memories and relive past events in vivid detail as you sift through pictures. Organize according to date; create albums or scrapbooks so that your precious memories are properly collated.

5. Start a blog/diary

diary-writingSet out your thoughts, feelings and emotions – use a notebook, diary, a word document on your computer or create a blog (you can make it private of public, it’s your choice). It can be therapeutic, cathartic, relaxing and amusing!

6. Do repairs or take up a DIY project

diy-at-homeThat shelf you’ve been meaning to repair? Do it now. The hem that needs taking down? Now’s a good time! Paint an accent wall, put up those wall decals, hang a painting, assemble the mail order furniture.

7. Cleanse the closet/room/home

house-cleaningSort through your closet, you may rediscover some favorites. What you haven’t used for over a year or two, discard. If you have the time, do the same for your room and your home, you may be amazed at the amount of clutter you can clear!

8. Catch up with calling

attending-phone-callYou’ve been meaning to call your aunt for the longest time; just didn’t get around to it. And that long lost friend you located via Facebook? Now’s the time to call and catch up – always assuming that the person at the other end is at a loose end too!

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