Hands Free Back Wash

Do you have mobility problems and you’re looking for a practical solution that will give you independence in the shower? Are you tired of the traditional way of cleaning your back and you’re looking for a convenient and effortless way to clean your back? You’re in luck because there’s a hands free device that is designed to clean your back at the push of a button. The hands free back wash is equipped with rotating silicone brushes, a reservoir for holding body wash, and a rechargeable battery unit which powers the motors that spin the silicone brushes. The device is absolutely easy to use for anyone, including the elderly and persons with disabilities.

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The hands free back wash is intended to help anyone with mobility problems to clean their back with ease. People with conditions like tendinitis, multiple sclerosis, rotator cuff injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and many other conditions that impair mobility can find this device extremely helpful. If you suffer an injury that makes it difficult to maintain your independence in the shower, this is the device you need to avoid feeling like you’re a burden on others. The good thing about the hands free back wash is that it can be used by everyone, whether you have upper extremity limitations or not.

back wash with suction cups

The hands free back wash attaches to a shower with industrial-grade suction cups. This makes it easy to install as you don’t need any special tools. The device also comprises of three rotating silicone brushes that move up and down in vertical tracks to perform the scrubbing or massaging action. It also includes a reservoir with a 16 oz. capacity, so you won’t have to refill your favorite body wash very often. You can adjust the brush heads depending on your preferences. For instance, you can set them to perform the scrubbing or massaging action, depending on what prefer. Besides, you can adjust the brush head speeds to low, medium, or high.

back wash with body wash

The hands free back wash is safer than using a sponge or loofah because the latter can easily spread bacteria especially when it’s used without being disinfected. This device is a safer alternative to the sponge or loofah as it is hands free. Also, this device eliminates the need to use shelving and shower caddies which can cause injuries. With this device, you just pour your favorite body wash into the reservoir and let the brushes clean and massage your back.

back wash for shower

When you have a physical limitation, coping with an injury or dealing with a condition that impairs your mobility, showering can be a strenuous and uncomfortable task. Instead of risking worsening your condition by going the traditional way, simply get yourself the hands-free back wash and get to clean your back safely. Giving people with mobility problems the ability to shower easily by themselves is a great benefit of the hands free back wash. This device helps elders, those with injuries and certain conditions, and the disabled feel more self-reliant and allows them to stay independent in the shower.

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