Top Hair Accessories for Girls

If you’re the parent of girls or if you know and interact closely with young girls, you know how important hair accessories are. They are more than something to hold and arrange the hair – hair accessories help embellish and enhance an outfit, so it is vital that any girl have a wide array of these to help color coordinate and complete any outfit.

For Baby Girls

If as a parent you’ve been irritated by people asking whether your angel faced daughter is a boy or a girl (even when your little girl is in a frilly frock), listen up. The best way to thwart such queries is to put an adorable little head band or a bow in your little one’s hair.

baby-girl-hair-accessoriesThat little pink bow or the multicolored floral headband will head off the irritating ‘his or her’ queries. Be sure to pick something simple – you don’t want your little one taking the beads and sequins and feathers and putting them in her mouth. Also, little babies typically have very little hair, so you will need to find something that actually stays on in that silky, baby soft hair.

For Little Girls

Girls between 4 and 10 seem to adore stuff with little animals, butterflies, hearts, flowers – basically anything with a high ‘cute quotient’. Pink, purple and white seem to be preferred colors and rather coincidently, they seem to match everything that your little one has in her wardrobe! Aim for sweet, colorful and childlike when it comes to hair accessories for little girls – clips, pins, hair bands and hair ties of various types.

For Tweens

tween-hair-accessoriesNow tweens are altogether more exacting than younger girls – they want smart, trendy, cool; cute just doesn’t cut it. So here perhaps you need to move away from the basic clips and bands and explore hair accessories such as detachable colored highlights or braids – you pin those into the hair to match or contrast with your outfit. A funky abstract motif in vibrant colors will work better than the hearts and flowers that little girls like.

For Older Girls

At this stage a girl considers herself practically grownup and will not countenance any hair accessory that looks remotely childish. At this stage hair accessories need to be practical but elegant as well. She is aiming for sophistication now and is thinking in terms of classic barrettes, elegant rhinestone clips, delicate floral hair circlets, and vibrant colored metallic head bands, fabric or jute hair scrunchies and so on.

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