Top 10 Private Islands in the World

Having one’s own private island is a fantasy, an unachievable dream for the vast majority of us, but the idea of a land of lone splendor where one is king or queen of all one surveys can be captivating indeed. The very idea of owning one corner of the world completely encircled by water is highly enticing so it is only natural that some of the most coveted properties in the world are privately owned islands:

1. Nikoi Island, South China Sea

nikoi-islandThe Conde Nast Traveller recommends this 15 hectare island resort for its virgin rainforest, amazing natural rock outcrops, reefs and beautiful beaches; as well as the half dozen beach houses built from driftwood, local grass and timber.

2. Turtle Island, Australia

turtle-island-australiaNamed so because of its shape; Turtle Island is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The island boasts spectacular beaches, a private villa, pool, and guest wing overlooking Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

3. Ailsa Craig, Scotland

ailsa-craig-scotlandThis island situated off the Ayrshire coast of Scotland is an extinct volcano. The island boasts a ruined castle, a granite quarry and four cottages. The whole package was listed at a guide price of Pounds 1.5 million, for those who could afford it.

4. Nananu Island Fiji

nananu-island-fijiThis spectacular island set amidst breathtaking blue seas, consists of 242 hectares of undeveloped land save a few guest cottages and staff homes and a min house.

5. Pelican Island Antigua

pelican-island-antiguaThis 32 acre island is located just a little off mainland Antigua. Stunning beaches and beautiful lagoons make this is virtual paradise.

6. Big Gooseberry Island, Nova Scotia

big-gooseberry-islandLooking at a picture of this island off the coast of Canada one would be forgiven for thinking that the picture postcard from Europe was superimposed on it. Beautiful, red roofed homes, woodlands and civilization close by make this the perfect island getaway.

7. Out Skerries Archipelago

out-skerries-archipelagoThis is for those who think an entire archipelago is better than a single island, this one consists of a picturesque light house, spectacular rock faces and some great fishing.

8. Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

tetiaroa-island-french-polynesiaJust 40 miles from Tahiti, this is a group of 12 islands, famous for its association with Hollywood actor Marlon Brando.

9. Nautilus Island, Maine

nautilus-island-maineThis is picturesque 37 acre island is a perfect getaway with an interesting history.

10. Cayo Espanto, Belize

cayo-espanto-belizePrivate villas, wooden walkways stretching into the sea, sandy beaches, and swaying coconut palms make this the perfect romantic getaway.

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