What Would You Wear on a Night Out to a Casino?

What woman doesn’t want to look her best when heading out for an evening in the casino? Some women may believe they must wear their formal best to the casino, and others prefer to go with casuals. However, this is not the case as most casinos prefer their patrons to wear smart casual clothing in the evenings. Smart casual clothing is defined as a step up from casual wear. Basically, women can take a casual clothing piece and dress it up with a dressier garment and accessories.

casino-wearJeans are a top choice for women to wear out to the casino. They will often select a top that is a bit dressier to create the smart casual look. A dressier blouse made of silk or satin is a choice that can create a well put together look.

Knit tops and sweater sets also look great when paired with jeans. Since it is to be worn for evening, glittery tops should be considered for wearing out to the casino. The sparkles these tops provide make the overall outfit a bit dressier as well as festive for the occasion. If planning to hit a night club following your casino adventure, this look can do double duty for both places.

Another option for pairing with jeans is a jacket. These smart clothing pieces can really provide an extra pop when wearing jeans. The jacket should be dressier than your average casual jacket. Jackets come in a wide range of styles so there are numerous options here. Blazers, cropped styles, leather and wool coats are ideal.


While t-shirts generally aren’t ideal to wear out to the casino, if paired with a smashingly dressy jacket, they can work in some situation. Also, by accessorizing with a chunky necklace, scarf or brooch, the look can be further amped up. High heels can look great with this look but consider you will be on your feet. You may choose a lower heel on a comfortable shoe.

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