8 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog Outdoors

It may be a bit of a cliché – a dog is man’s best friend – but it is so very true. A dog is such marvelous company – enthusiastic about seeing you each and every day, game for any outing at your say so, ready to join in any activity of your choice and a wonderfully non-argumentative companion! That daily walk notwithstanding, there is so much else you can do with your dog – it can be fun, relaxing and good for your health!

1. Have a play date for your dog

playing-dogsYou can take your dog over to another pet owner’s so your dog can enjoy some canine company. Or you can organize an outdoor date for your dog and his or her friend (some dogs prefer neutral territory and are most relaxed there).

2. Visit a senior home

senior-with-dogDogs are therapeutic for older people or people with physical or mental limitations. You can volunteer your own time and also help by bringing your dog along.

3. Go for a ramble in the woods

dog-in-snowy-woodsLet your dog chase a rabbit, retrieve a stick that you throw and generally have a wonderful time gamboling and sniffing interesting scents. Just ensure beforehand that the woods are safe for you and your dog and that pets are permitted there.

4. Go fishing

fishing-with-family-dogA pet can be wonderfully restful fishing companion, who will never nag or disturb you. Let your dog bask in the sun while you patiently wait for that fish to take the bait.

5. Enjoy the beach together

playing-with-dog-at-beachSo long as your dog doesn’t have a predilection for destroying other peoples sand castles, a beach is a great place to visit. Romp in the waves, play tag, or just veg out in the sun!

6. Toss a ball/Frisbee

frisbee-with-dogYou don’t need to go far afield to have a wonderful time with your dog. A nearby park or even your own yard is a great place to spend quality time with your dog and have a great workout at the same time. toss a ball or a Frisbee and let the fun unfold!

7. Film your dog

dog-photographyDogs have expressions, they have peculiarities and dogs make some of the best subjects for home videos. Do it for your own enjoyment or for your family and friends. Perhaps you can even put the video up on YouTube and your pooch may become famous!

8. Go shopping

shopping-with-dogYou can go shopping for pet clothing or accessories; or just go shopping anywhere pets are welcome. Who said retail therapy is only for humans!

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