Retirement Party Announcement Ideas

When you finally call it a day after years of hard work, the newfound freedom definitely deserves a celebration with your friends and family. The way you send out party invitation to mark the beginning of your new life is solely a matter of your choice. You may keep it formal, light-hearted or something to go with your profession. But regardless of the theme you choose, there are certain pointers to keep in mind in order to make your retirement party announcement perfect for the occasion. Here are some basic guidelines for wording and what to include in your invite, along with some beautiful samples.

Things to Keep in Mind

Following are some common things to remember while designing and sending out retirement party invites:

  • Make sure the invitation goes with your party theme or perspective. For example, if you are retiring after having served as a professor for 15 long years, choose the wording and theme suitable for a teaching profession. You may also include a few words of appreciation toward fellow professionals.
  • Decide whether you want to keep your retirement party announcement formal or casual and follow it consistently throughout. Casual wording is appropriate if your guests mostly comprise close friends and personal acquaintances. However, if you are planning to invite government officers and professionals, formal wording would be more appropriate.
  • Consider giving a personal touch to your invite. This can be based on your interests, hobbies or how you plan to spend your retirement life. For example, if you are planning to engage yourself in gardening activities, you can incorporate something about gardening in your announcement. However, be careful not to overdo it. Here are some personalized party invites to give you some idea.
  • Send out the invite well in advance so that your guests get enough time to schedule their travel and reschedule their other plans.

What to Include

Irrespective of your theme and design, there are certain details you shouldn’t forget to include in your retirement party announcement. In order to avoid confusion and people calling you up for details, make sure your invitation includes the following information:

  • Date and time of the party are the very basic details your guests will look out for as soon as they receive your invite. You may also want to include RSVP instructions to get a better estimate of people attending the event.
  • Venue or location of the event is the immediately next important thing you should inform your invitees about. If it’s not so familiar place for the invitees, consider including a Google map or directions to the place.
  • You should also make it amply clear that it’s a retirement party, so that your guests do not mistake it for a birthday, anniversary or some other celebration. Mention your name with correct spelling so that the invitees know who to address their greetings.
  • Do you have any dress code or color code for the party? Do you want to keep it a “no gift” event? Do you want the guests to donate to any specific cause or organization? Mention all the necessary details in your retirement invitation.

Wording Ideas and Samples

The tone and wording of your retirement announcement varies depending upon the theme and style you choose. Here are some wording ideas and templates to help you get started:

Sample 1

Let’s celebrate at a retirement party for Anderson Williams August 20, 2020 at 5:30 PM The Loft at Union Pine, Portland, Oregon. RSVP to Thomas Williams at 971.334.5544

Sample 2

Harrison Financial invites you to a RETIREMENT PARTY honoring over 25 years of service by HARRISON COOPER Saturday, March 23rd at 5:30 PM The Barr Mansion, Austin, Texas. RSVP by March first to Andrea Cooper at 512.357.3422

Sample 3

Graham is retiring & we’re celebrating! Saturday 03.20.2021 at 6:00 PM BRICK CANVAS AT THANKSGIVING POINT 8293 WEST THANKSGIVING WAY LEHI UTAH 84043. Dinner and drink will be served. Please rsvp to Charlotte at 792.293.6854

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