10 Tips to Save Money on Alcohol Without Drinking Less

Think about those alcohol bills and tips that you hand out to the bartender each time you go out for a drink… And it will take you no time to realize that boozing constitutes a substantial part of your expenses. No doubt, the most obvious way to save money on alcohol is by drinking less often or not drinking at all, but that’s not definitely the way you would like to bring down your expenses. We present to you some real, practical tips to cut down your boozing expenses.

1. Drink at home

Drinking at home is way cheaper than visiting a bar. The markup on alcohol that you buy at a bar or restaurant is almost three times of what you would pay at an alcohol store. Add transportation, tips and other ancillary expenses to that and you know what we are talking about. So, consider inviting your friends at home instead of partying in a bar.

2. Join a wine club

save money on liquor

Find out bars and wineries in your area that offer membership/loyalty plans. Subscribe to one that offers good discount on your favorite brands. You will soon realize that this will save you a lot of money on your liquor bills.

3. Attend booze tasting events

Many liquor stores organize tasting events. You get to taste liquor free of cost and may also be eligible for a discount on purchasing additional liquor. Some stores also offer discount on liking or following them on their social media pages.

4. Avoid buying on Saturdays

According to a report published in Forbes, you may end up paying about 9% more if you buy beer on Saturday instead of Monday. Similarly, wine would be 6% costlier on Saturday than on Tuesday. Thus, timing your liquor purchase carefully can help you save a good deal of money.

5. Drink during happy hours

Drinking during rush hours cost you more and you may also not get top notch service. On the other hand, most of the bars offer heavy discounts during happy hours. Switch your drinking hours to match with happy hours of the bars in your area rather than visiting a bar unplanned any time you wish to. Drinking during non-prime hours can lighten a lot of burden from your wallet.

6. Buy online

Websites like ZOGBY frequently come up with various discounts and offers. Even otherwise, online liquor prices are more competitive than brick and mortar stores. Type your favorite liquor brand name, followed by your location, in Google Search or some other search engine to find an online store delivering to your area. Some companies also offer discounts on ordering through their apps.

7. Buy in bulk

Be it groceries or alcohol. Buying in bulk is always cheaper than buying in small quantities. Hence, consider buying from big box stores and warehouse clubs. When drinking with your friends at a bar or restaurant, buy pitchers and bottles instead of individual glasses. Sometimes, stores and restaurants may charge more for larger quantities just to trick unsuspecting customers. Check and compare the prices beforehand to make sure that you are really getting a deal.

8. Buy from duty-free shops

Taxes and duties make up a sizeable part of liquor prices. Duty-free shops help you save this amount on your purchase. These shops are usually located at airports and tourist destinations. Whenever you get an opportunity, make sure you make good use of it.

9. Look for price matching offers

Many liquor stores offer to match the lower prices of their competitors. Look out for such stores. Within a given timeframe, if you can find a lower price on an item that you bought from such store, you just need to present a proof and claim your discount.

10. Go for second labels

Most of the reputed brands are costly because of the brand name attached to them. Second label wines and liquors offer the same quality product packed and distributed under a different name. These liquors are much much cheaper than their branded counterparts.

Got more ideas on saving money on your liquor expenses? Feel free to share your thoughts through comments below.

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