Turn Your Living Space into a Tropical Oasis

It is a joy to spend a holiday in the tropics, by the beach. The cool ocean water, mild breeze and endless opportunities to get that perfect tan, and sunbathing by a pool make the tropical oasis a dream for many. But, once the vacation ends and time is up, all you can do is return to your everyday life. What if you recreate that tropical perfection in your own home, so that you can enjoy it every day? Here are some ideas to turn your living space into a tropical oasis.


Use Bright Shades and Natural Material for Decorating

Almost all tropical destinations sport vibrant colors in bold shades of bright green, ocean blue, warm reds, and yellow, and these are the shades that you can use to decorate your rooms. Also softer pastel shades can be used, like lime green from the broad leaved tropical plants, a bit of cobalt and turquoise to reflect the color of the ocean, and these can be combined with mute or neutral tones of pale yellow, white, beige or other sand like shades.

To include more tropical vibes in your home décor, you can use statement furniture pieces, upholstery, or even decorative items made of organic or natural fibers. The furniture can be made of cane or bamboo with bamboo rugs and mats or tea coaters on the tea table. Also, you can place wicker baskets with tried leaves and bright flowers or shells around on shelves and coffee tables to add a bit of vibrancy.

Use Tropical Ceiling Fans

Tropical ceiling fans (https://www.modernfanoutlet.com/fan-styles/tropical-fans.html) are shaped like palm leaves and have different textures. They sometimes have an antique finish, in copper and bronze tones. Certain tropical ceiling fans come with dual bodies and palm blades, and they go well with in any tropical décor.

The Punkah ceiling fan is a rather old but elegant design. The blades are usually of palm or bamboo and can be fixed either on the wall or ceiling where they move back and forth to provide air circulation.

Plant Palms Around Your Home

Palms are the most obvious plants that you will see around on a tropical oasis; therefore it will be great if you can include a bit of the tropical nature through planting some palms around your living space. Some varieties of palms are easy to take care and thrive well in the conditions of your home. Potted palm trees can be planted inside the house at convenient places to recreate the ambience of your favorite tropical getaway.

The palms that really do not need much hassle and can be brought up easily are pygmy date palm, Kentia palm, parlor palm, bamboo palm and Howea palm. For these types of palm trees, you need to ensure that there are proper drainage facilities, so that the soil does not get clogged. It is wise to plant them in plastic pots and then place them in decorative baskets that can collect the excess water. Be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight. You can use organic fertilizers if required.

Install a Pool and Redecorate Your Patio

Bathing in the ocean and sun tanning by the beach is one of those things you will definitely miss when you are not vacationing, but if you have enough space around you home, then you can build a small pool to bring in the essence of the ocean or maybe a rock pool in your own tropical oasis. A small pool with sparkling, crystal blue water and a pale color finish will really enhance the vibe of being around a lagoon.

The patio can also be redecorated with an island theme or like a tropical resort entrance with tropical palms on the sides, fairy lights and lanterns hung overhead. You can also create a cabana with soft cushions and linen curtains in warm pastel hues. Away from the patio, you can install a fountain with pebbles and soil around to give it a more natural look; for best effect, include a number of different earthy textures.

Style Your Bedroom and Bathroom

The master bedroom and your bathroom are very personal spaces and they can also be given a tropical makeover. Use linen sheets and striped coverlets on the bed. The walls can be given a darker shade of the bedclothes. The dresser in the bedroom can have rough wooden paneling; consider placing vintage pots, vases and jars on top to give a quirky look.

The bathroom can be done to mimic the style of the bedroom. You can turn it into a tropical spa by installing a rain shower, heating rack for towels with scented candles, and flower petals around the bath. Place an oriental settee, if there is enough space, where you can lounge while the bath fills up. Make sure you use cool shades or blush tones for the walls and tiles. You can also incorporate a bit of nature by having fresh flowers and a little jar of potpourri around.

That’s your very own home turned into a tropical oasis. Enjoy it the way you want!