Top 10 Reality TV Shows 2013

Reality TV has been around for a long time, but it really came into its own during the 1990’s and altered the face of TV. They may be partly scripted, edited and reshot for adding drama, and at least partly fake, but there is no denying the stunning success of reality TV shows. We look at some of the top reality TV shows of this year and when we say top reality shows, we’re talking merely about the most popular shows; not necessarily the best ones!

1. Big Brother

big-brother-2013People cannot seem to get enough of this voyeuristic show that throws disparate people together in unnaturally isolated proximity to each other. The circumstances of the show seem to bring out the worst in the contestants, and well, viewers seem to love it!

2. Undercover Boss

undercover-boss-2013An award winning TV series examines the experiences of top executives secretly looking in on the working of their company to improve things and to reward good workers. The 4th season premiered in the end of last year.

3. Preacher’s Daughters

preachers-daughtersThe name says it all: three pastors and their religious convictions battle it out with rebellious daughters and their aspirations.

4. Dancing with the Stars

dancing-with-the-starsThis is one of the most loved and most entertaining, longest running reality TV shows of all time, with the format having been licensed to 42 territories the world over!

5. The Hero

the-hero-2013Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, this reality TV show examines men on physical, mental and moral parameters to see who emerges as a true ‘hero’.

6. Whodunnit

whodunnitSet in a Beverly Hills mansion, this show features 13 guests (one of whom is a ‘killer’), a butler and two maids. Each episode one guest is ‘murdered’ and the guests have to find out who the killer is.

7. Naked and Afraid

naked-and-afraidA Discovery Channel show, this goes beyond the Survivor in that here one man and one woman are not only marooned in the wilderness, they are also naked!

8. Pretty Wicked Moms

pretty-wicked-moms-2013As if The Real Housewives weren’t bad enough, Pretty Wicked Moms follow the lives of 6 mothers and their families – they are the archetypal ‘mean girls’ all grown up.

9. Teen Mom

teen-mom-2013This MTV show highlights the struggles that a young mother still in her teens typically goes though, her struggles with family, relationships, while at the same time grappling with motherhood.

10. So You Think You Can Dance

so-you-think-you-can-danceThis show is just about the joy of dancing – featuring some of the most talented dancers it is a visual treat – the eulogies and criticism from the judges notwithstanding.

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